TIPS: How to Improve Stage Presence As a Lead Singer.

#Keep water on the stage to prevent you from dehydrating and passing out on stage!

#Use the left and right side if you must move around the stage.. but always fall back to the middle; its your resting ground to gather energy.

#You need strength but dont OVER-EAT, Eat at least one hour before the performance.

#Do not overdo the moving around, remember you are a singer foremost, hitting the right notes and staying in key is more important.

#Try not to be too messed up on substances or you will just run into trouble!

#Do not complain! Unless it is something major, let it go. Do not ever talk bad about your band members, the songs, or the venue. It would have drastic effect on the spirit & required energy needed for a good performance and or else you’ll end up wishing you never performed.

#Do not forget to warm up your vocals before hitting that stage. though lots of distractions at the back stage, but do not be carried away PREPARE !


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