Deejays & Mixtape Sacrifices: Lesson 1

Yap, on a straight to business attitude, lot of Deejays skip, neglect or ignore somethings. As they all seem to be needed or put together to become a complete body.

1. DJ should be conversant with the HIGHEST RATED standard commercial mix of the genre of mix he his working on cos, by so doing DJ understands the expectation, what’s in vogue, newest skills & determine how to develop his for distinction, etc

2. After a very Good knowledge of the above & the mixtape is ready, the media awareness for 1/2 weeks to its release; should be STRONG. The stronger it is better the chances of getting the mix in peoples mind, even the uninterested would want to reluctantly Download the mix on sight based on, “Let me even listen to what they have been making useless noise about”, it is now left for the mix to prove them wrong !

3. This should hav been part of No.2, but it requires employing the services of a PR guy or personally informing web admins


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